Our company specializes in consulting, training and coaching within the financial services and real estate industries. These categories would be considered a "major sale".

Most of our clients, like myself, became dissatisfied with the effectiveness of traditional sales process methodology and searched for a more sophisticated, effective sales process specializing on the major sale.

As well, many of our clients complained that traditional sales training treated them like they were a snake oil salesperson, and worse it taught them to treat their customers as naive simpletons waiting to be manipulated.

We decided that this elite, TOP-TIER Sales Force needed and deserved better , so we developed the TOP-TIER Sales Process.



  • Create a unique Initial Credibility Statement that separates you from your competition.
  • Adhere to a spoken agenda to maintain control of the selling process.
  • "Go deep” to better understand clients' and customers' needs.
  • Move from being "order takers" to “solution providers” and “trusted advisors.”
  • Manage the sales process, handle objections and close more of the right kind of business.

A consultative selling model will not only move you ahead of your competitors, it can help you become the institution of choice. Imagine what your sales organization could accomplish if you could develop Top-Tier Sales Team, who won't stop until they reach the apex of success!

We will work with you to transform your sales culture to compete more effectively in an increasingly difficult environment. We will give you the tools you  need to adopt a consultative sales approach that creates customer value, builds long-term customer relationships and leads to ongoing referrals.

As specialists in the financial sales industry, we offer strategic consulting, training, coaching and advisory services that develop Top-Tier Sales Teams.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and develop a sales team that delivers the best service and reaps the best business in the industry. For more information and a free tip sheet, 10 Tips to a TopTier Sales Team, subscribe to our news letter.

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